Personal Art Consultant

A consultant by your side

Our exclusive consultancy service will enable you to experience the excitement of creating an art collection in a totally relaxed and secure way, backed by your own Personal Art Consultant. The consultancy service will extend to all the troublesome procedures involved in creating and managing a prestigious collection: from sourcing and acquiring works of art to organizing and managing a great collection.
After carefully analyzing your aspirations and screening the collection you have put together, your Personal Art Consultant will prepare a collection project for you, based on your budget, with a detailed acquisition plan. At this point they will track down the works
and assist you in acquiring them: in a gallery, at auction, at a fair or directly from private collectors. If you so wish, all with the utmost confidentiality. Your Personal Art Consultant will guide you in the discovery of the masterpieces present on the market, the works that offer the best investment, the artists to focus on. To build up a collection that year after year speaks of you, expressing an image of elegance and cultural refinement.

Or at your place

If, on the other hand, you want an immediate result with great impact, but don’t have the time to handle the creation of your collection personally. If the architect has handed over the keys to your new home to you and you’re keen to see those white walls come to life. If you want your new social status to find expression in a sophisticated, highly prestigious collection, then you can entrust the full and prompt realization of your dream to your Personal Art Consultant. Taking advantage of his experience as a curator of major exhibition events, your Personal Art Consultant will know how to build up a collection for you, designing it in the same way as is done for exhibitions: with a theme, by historical period, by artist. Considering variables such as your taste, your culture, your spaces and their architectural characteristics, the type of image of yourself that you want to convey, he will only select works of high quality, which should offer a good investment over the years.