Searching works of art

A research service on a worldwide scale

If you want to acquire a work and you are aware of the fact that the really important ones are often not available in galleries or at auction, but circulate through privileged and reserved channels, then let us know your requirements. Our Network of Consultants, operating in the world’s main art marketplaces, from Milan to London, from New York to
Beijing, will be able to find the artwork you’re looking for.
In the same way, you can put artworks you intend to sell in our hands. We are constantly in search of major works to include in the collections we curate. You can rely on a select international market. And sell in the most advantageous marketplace.

Effectiveness and confidentiality

Our way of working is highly sophisticated. We only operate with exclusive mandates, which guarantee both the collector selling the work and the collector buying it absolute confidentiality and optimization of the economic result.

The security of quality

Each work undergoes a detailed critical philological study, plus, if necessary, a series of scientific analyses to verify its authenticity and condition. Its bibliography and exhibition history are carefully documented. Only after this evaluation is the work concerned offered to our collectors.