Who we are

After many years of experience gained working in major museums in Italy and Europe, we have applied our historical, critical and scientific knowledge to the study of private collections. Because collecting is an art that requires great expertise. Today we are the curators of some of the most prestigious collections, all over the world. Many of the collections we have created have been the subject of exhibitions and monographs, and today they are a point of reference for scholars of the period concerned. Through our Network of Consultants operating in the most important art market spots worldwide, we are at your side. Wherever you are.

What we offer

As Personal Art Consultants, we are able to work alongside collectors, offering them an across-the-board consultancy service, enabling them to move effortlessly through the treacherous maze of the art market, finally creating a highly prestigious collection. With a series of exclusive services specially designed for private collectors or for businesses, our consultancy work covers all the problem areas involved in a collection of artworks: from finding and acquiring a work to organizing and managing a major collection. We want to be your Personal Art Coaches. We want to train your eyes to see art and understand all its poetry, with intelligence and sensitivity. Even that of the most sophisticated and innovative languages. So that you will never again feel unable to justify an original opinion when looking at a work of art.

Who we work with

Our ideal interlocutor is the collector who is well aware that his own art collection reflects his culture, style and sensibility and – last but not least – his buying power. A person convinced that chance is his worst ally in the realization of any idea. A person used to developing strategies to achieve his aims. A person convinced that major creations are always the result of a carefully prepared project. We work with art lovers who want to create highly prestigious collections. With companies that want to furnish executive spaces in a manner that befits the image of refinement and power they intend to convey to the public.